Friday, March 11, 2011

Maya Final Project

       So for my final project I basically constructed one of my characters from polygons out of experimentation and then tried an environment background. Maya is still new to me. However I was able to try different things with it and got the base of the program for the most part of it. I found it to be quite fun though at times but also  it was a little painful to work through.
             When trying out the  grass brush in paint effects, it really slowed the computer down. Another thing I tried out was trying a Toon shade on the character.  I guess it turned out okay but the grass wasn't  able to take that kind of shade. Another trouble I had is learning out to use lighting still . I can see why there's a whole another category in lighting with the media, when doing a movie. I'll try more experiments though.  This was a fun class, and since it's over i'm a little sad about it. However, this doesn't mean i'm going to stop on working on maya from here. I'm going to be buying books to try out new things and I'll also be taking an animation class next term, so i'll be definitely looking forward to that.

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