Friday, March 11, 2011

Flash Project (update)

After hours of trying to figure out things. I was able to make and Interactive flash using Actionscript 3.

I have to say that I had major frustrations when working on Actionscript 3 in Flash. cause for one thing. it's very very precise. The major problem of the whole script was that I forgot to add in an instance name for the button and it took me a while to figure it out.

Anyways, I managed to do something in Actionscript 3 . So I'm very satisfied.

In conclusion with this class, it was pretty good. It was fun to animation and do different things. I wish i was able to figure out how to do more with interactive flash . But all in all, it was a pleasure. 

Maya Final Project

       So for my final project I basically constructed one of my characters from polygons out of experimentation and then tried an environment background. Maya is still new to me. However I was able to try different things with it and got the base of the program for the most part of it. I found it to be quite fun though at times but also  it was a little painful to work through.
             When trying out the  grass brush in paint effects, it really slowed the computer down. Another thing I tried out was trying a Toon shade on the character.  I guess it turned out okay but the grass wasn't  able to take that kind of shade. Another trouble I had is learning out to use lighting still . I can see why there's a whole another category in lighting with the media, when doing a movie. I'll try more experiments though.  This was a fun class, and since it's over i'm a little sad about it. However, this doesn't mean i'm going to stop on working on maya from here. I'm going to be buying books to try out new things and I'll also be taking an animation class next term, so i'll be definitely looking forward to that.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Final Project. Falling Star Storyboard

So for my final project in my Art 348 I decided to work more on Project 6 with storyboarding and finish the first part of the first chapter in the Falling Star project. This is a redone version of what i made about three years ago. And starting new, I wanted to try different ideas with the story than what I had earlier and still try to maintain the feel that I had with the original.  There were some things I like about this, and there was some things I didn't like. But taking a whole new approach of the story helps give me more experience and ideas of how I want the story to be.

If you are interesting in seeing the original:

(Note: The music composer for that did the music of the original is redoing the music for the new version once it's finished. )

During this class I did a lot with redoing with this project especially with the redesign of characters and environment ideas. It's rather strange how much an idea you had can evolve later in the years. This class had me want to try different things that I'm not use to and even though I still find it uncomfortable, I feel satisfied after I push myself into trying something new.

Also I never got to post this since I wanted to work on it a little more, but since out of frustration with perspective and running out of time, I might as well. I paid so much attention on the detail of this clock.. Which I probably wanted to do last. I'm still going to finish this though over spring break.  

And lastly. since this is in concept art, while I was in art block in working on my stuff I was able to create another concept character which I kind of found interesting enough to show.
Although these are loosely based sketches, it certainly gave me ideas of what i could do with this character. Character's name is Liron with two antenna sticking from her earphones.  The line connecting to them, shows the sound waves of the music she listens to . Her hair without music is short, plain and white. But once she listening to music her hair changes depending on her mood and what she is listening to which makes her hair Like a giant audio spectrum analysis.

In conclusion, I had a lot of fun in this class. And it was very profitable for me to learn. I'll remember the exercises that I had and try them again in the near future to make even more ideas.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art351 Project 4 and Reflective

In flash interactive class, we were to make 20 buttons. Each button I made does a certain thing. So click on them, hover you mouse over them, or click and hold and see what happens.

Reflective Essay

Usually buttons are supposedly switches that causes an action or an instance to something.

Buttons can be very important depending on the situation to make actions and the design would matter as well. Take for instance a xbox 360 game controller. Directional buttons on the the left side for the person to use with his left thumb while the trigger buttons on on the right side. If the buttons were designed in a different place, it would be difficult for the user to maneuver in the game he/she is playing.

To be honest I really don't have a personal favorite "real world " button. Usually my favorites have to do with either video games or arcade games.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More practice on UV mapping.

I decided to try again with UV mapping since I was so confused in the last one. So I  tried to make something simple like a cereal box. So I went about finding the textures online to try it out.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 3 and Reflective Essay


This article was very insightful in doing character designs, and I  have more of an idea now how to go about the process. To be honest after do this project, I wouldn't mind working for an animation company as a concept artist. It would definitely take traditional drawing skills and a imagination to help create them which I enjoy a lot. I think the areas I definitely need to work on  is taking character's poses and make them more exaggerated and dynamic. 

While working on these characters, they definitely have evolved from what they were about four years ago. 
Here's what they looked like before originally.

Before, they were cats. But as I put this project on hold for a while, I wanted to do more original characters than cats. I didn't want to change them at first and thought they could get any better. But, like all artists, I wen outside my comfort zone to try something new. I basically designed both  heads after stars. While Trena's is upright star, Koe's is an up-side-down star. 

I think one obstacle for this project was to redesign the wings since the ones I used before looked too organic. I wanted to design wings that glowed like neon lights to add in more of the sci-fi effect and it's something that see light up herself.

I'm really not sure on much I clarified but I hope it's alright. I'm still new at this and is willing to do better on it .