Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Art 348 Project 2

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 I wasn't able to have time to revise my silhouettes nor fully complete all 50 drawings. This however gave me more focus and more of an idea of what I need to work on schedule wise. 

I believe there were many"Mickey Mouse's"around my time. I absolutely loved cartoons when I was little. I think that Mickey Mouse was actually my oldest inspiration. I always loved watching the Disney channel with their cartoons that featured the little rodent, along with his pals Donald, Goofy, and Pluto. I think because of this cartoon, I was able to keep my "child-at-heart" personality and been able to be creative with stories. Every cartoon I saw, my eyes widened in wonder and excitement. And When I watched Fantasia with the "Sorcerer's Apprentice' featuring him, my love for syncronization of music and animation grew.
It wasn't till later that I my other "Mickey Mouse" actually was an anime called Sailor Moon, that was one of the first  major Japanese animated cartoons to come to the US before the huge rush came in, in the late 90s. I fell in love with this series and enjoyed it. This is what actually made start drawing. Everyday, I would record the episode, then play it back so that I could pause on a scene then try to draw it. This is how I first started out. 

Nowadays, I'm inspired by many other artists and tried different art styles. But with imagination, story, and character- wise, my heart will always be inspired by Disney with that little mouse. 

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