Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reflective Essay Art351

I think one of the best interactive experiences I had was play the online first-person shooting game called Team Fortress 2. Reason why I like this game so much was because of the interaction amongst your teammates while playing. It's been a popular game for one of those reasons. The character design and layout design of the environment have that retro feeling (like from Pixar's Incredibles) which makes it funny as hell, and appealing to the audience. And for interactivity, it also depends on what class you are choosing (there's about 9 classes) Like for examples, one of the team classes is called medic which is used to heal other people. Players can also communicate to the medic for help by pressing the E key. Or the Y key can be used to talk to other players on your team. This is a fast pace game. It's sometimes hard for me to blink since it goes by so fast and you have to react quickly to situations. So, it's more of a subconscious/intinctive way of playing.

Another game I thought was good for Interactivity was fallout 3. Only recently have I got to play this and this game gives you so many possibilities in making the choices you want in the game. You can even customize the character, choose a name and gender, and make decisions. I enjoyed this game since it actually gave the option to make choices with other characters that can bring rewards and consequences. The map is also huge so you could Travel a long ways Of course, I wanted to make the good choices as much as I can. It was indeed a fun experience. And the post-apocalyptic atmosphere gives you the chills and almost a devastating when you first see it. The action was not as fast as team fortress 2 but the exploration of the game is wonderful to try out.

And my third interactive game experience that was fun was also deadspace. And the reason why I like this one was because of the sound and atmosphere. This is a really fun game to play in the dark. If you are wearing surround sound headphones, the tension and your heart rate goes up as the creepy sounds come in along with different monsters to come into attack you. Reason I like this game is for the adrenaline rush. This perhaps would be another instinctive game since you have to really look around for items or other monsters.

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