Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WIP and Reflective on Maya

Did some more experiments with 3D modeling on Maya. Still confused on some of the tools. Hopefully things will get better later. I tried different things such playing with faces and edges as well. Also learned about the insert edge loop tool. The project is still in a skeletal state but I'll get better as I go along. 

There are many variables that a landscape or cityscape has to create that illusion of scale and depth. First and foremost, you have the vanishing point in which all scales of objects are measured to create the depth/distance of the picture. Objects are the same size can appear to be smaller or bigger depending on where the object is on the grid in relation to the camera. What's also interesting is how the atmosphere plays on role on the illusion. When objects are close to the viewer, their colors are clear. But as it goes into distance, the colors on the objects fade more. 

With the placement of details, I guess there would be more details on the more closer objects as well as texture. However, from objects very far away, you can only add so much.  When in comes to color I tend to improvise a bit. Depending on the time of day, can also determine the color pallette.

For landscapes and Cityscapes like these, I'm afraid I can't explain well. But I do know how to do it to create the illusion. 

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