Thursday, January 27, 2011

UV Mapping and Reflective Essay

Unfortunately, the original file I had for project 3 got corrupted. I however was able to make another object with UV Mapping and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try out the companion cube (though it's not the exact replica).
Anyways for Maya, we were to choose three different textures that appealed to me. Well.. here are the three:

All three of these references are way different from the other. The top one is from Square Enix's movie Final Fantasy 7 Advent children. Though I have not watched this due to it's bad reviews, as always the company's cinematic visuals are breathtaking that brought in a while new perspective in animation and gaming. The textures of these characters with their hair, skin, and even the clothing they wear are extremely detailed and at times (when it first came out) I thought they were real actors. I'm really not sure how they did this, but I believe the textures had to be either self made or high definition stock photos (which I'm not exactly sure).

The second one came from Dead Space. As one of my newest favorite game I love the textures on the necromorph aliens on there. The menacing monsters look absolutely hideous with their dry wrinkly skin which I always was to make.

And the third image ( I'm sure everyone knows) is from for the birds. Reason I like this was because of the feathers. When the bird puffed up or moved around their feathers acted like real feathers. And judging how many of them are, it really looks difficult to animate. It was something that always clung to me since it almost looked liked they animated each of those feathers by hand ( which i'm probably sure they didn't ).

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