Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maya Size and Compostition

So for the Maya class, I was able to experiment with the program for the very first time. We basically have to select three 3 references that we chose before and make primitive objects to emulate that scene. It's nothing special. but i was able to get the concept down.

I have to say out of my learning experience, it was very interesting and frustrating at the same time. I had to study the basics and the tools for a while before working on this . There were some difficult moments such as learning to rotate the camera, or selecting certain points of the polygons. But I didn't learn a lot from this week. It's hard to memorize all the shortcuts and steps but I'm sure if I keep practicing, it'll all become second nature. I would have to say out of all the images i think my best one would have to be the first image above, since I got the perspective just right with the camera.

I wasn't sure what to work on first. But I thought to try something simple and basic just to get an idea of the program and get the concept. I think next time though when i get the time, I want to work on more detailing when i get the chance.I'm also wondering how to apply textures in maya. Hopefully I'll learn that later.

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